The Journey from There and Then to Here and Now

In my healing journey I once had a therapist who said "I am in awe of your resilience".

I know I lived through some very traumatic experiences. Some I have memories of and some I only have the lingering effects that are expressed through my reactive behaviours. Somehow I survived.

For as long as I can remember I have had a connection to Spirit. I believe this connection is what kept me sane and allowed me to survive. I remember as a little girl laying awake at night and watching a ghost walk by the foot of the bed. I was intrigued by her presence, she seemed more safe than the adults in my life.

Back then I felt lost as I wandered around in darkness from one chaotic situation to another. I was in survival mode doing whatever it took to make it through the day.

The flicker of light that encouraged me to take the first step on my healing journey came when I attended an Al-Anon meeting in support of a family member who had drug and alcohol addictions. During that meeting I felt safe enough to express myself. As I talked people listened, they simply listened. For the first time in my life I felt seen and heard. I felt like I mattered.

Since then that light has become a little brighter with each step on my healing journey. As the light got brighter I was able to see more clearly and make healthier, more conscious choices.

I am now at a point in my life where I have healed and learned enough that I am able and inspired to give back.

I want to help you on your healing journey. Whether it is that first step where you find that flicker of light inside of you or the next step that helps that flame get brighter, I am here to say I care and you matter.