I am passionate about helping you find your personal power and awaken to your innate truths and gifts. With my compassionate awareness I create a safe sacred space to hold your experience and gently bring your attention to your roadblocks and opportunities.

Based in Nanaimo BC, I offer three modalities that have different approaches to providing a shift in your reality.

TRE uses the innate wisdom of the body to release stuck energies from exposure to daily stress and traumatic experiences. HYL is a more in-depth emotional and psychological process that explores the patterns of self betrayal, reactive behaviours and unhealthy relationships. Intuitive readings invite the spiritual realm to offer insights and gentle guidance in your life.

The common ground in each of these approaches is they point to the answer that resides in you.

TRE Provider

While going through a very stressful time in my life, it became apparrent that I needed some form of body work to help me cope. What resonated the most with me was Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises as they elicit my body's innate wisdom to heal itself. After three sessions with a provider I was able to do the exercises on my own.

I was so impressed with how I felt I became a certified provider.

HYL Facilitator

I became a certified Healing Your Life Facilitator after completing the final phase in the spring of 2013. This certification is the result of a four year intensive study with Paul Ferrini.

Although I have experienced and trained in a number of therapeutic modalities, Paul Ferrini's work has been the most transforming and healing in my personal journey.

Intuitive Reader

For as long as I can remember I have been aware of my connection to Spirit. Over the years I have nurtured that connection to the point that communing with Spirit has become a daily ritual. I have relied on this connection for guidance during the more challenging times as well as determining the next step in my day to day life.

I feel great joy in being able to share this guidance to help others choose their next step.