Heart to Heart

Soleila’s commitment is to helping you create a positive change in your life, bringing clarity and insight through the blessing of the power of her gift, her warmth, her compassion and her spiritual wisdom.

Sharon MacNaughton

I am a big fan of Soleila’s readings. Each one she has done for me has been illuminating and inspiring. I come away feeling grounded and hopeful.

Una Bachinski

Soleila truly has an insightful gift. She was able to tap right into my life and guide me with her intuition and love. Her gentle, yet direct way made me feel comfortable and supported.

Tracy Goyer

I had suffered from excruciating menstrual pain that was only just bearable with painkillers for about 30 years. After just a few sessions of TRE with Soleila and then on my own, I could definitely feel that something in my reproductive system was shifting positively. With each period after those initial TRE sessions, my pain level decreased in consistent increments and within 8 months the pain is almost non-existent. It feels like a miracle.

Ann Stampfl